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....Mine Management, Legislation and General Safety

Chapters :


Introduction: How to prepare for the examination; How to write answers

Chapter 1: Mine Organisation
Mine organisation; Principles of management and industrial discipline; Personnel management including Recruitment, selection, training and control of staff (As per revised syllabus), Behavioral Science for Management, Financial Management, Production Management, Materials Management, Personnel Management


Chapter 2: Legislation for Coal Mines
Mines act & Regulations, Rules and By laws etc. made there under; Electricity Act and Rules applicable to coal mines; Other legislation applicable to coal mines, Legislative framework, legislation making process, Bye laws, role of Parliament in formulation of legislation, requirements of ideal legislation, ILO.


Chapter 3: Risk assessment and Management


Chapter 4: Safety standards

Accidents; Their causes and prevention; Accident statistics; Rates of accidents; Relation between accidents and technical efficiency; Accident reports
First aid and ambulance work


Chapter 5: Disaster Management
Statistics, disaster management plan, standing orders, disasters due to inundation, Explosion and recommendations of various courts of inquiries


Chapter 6: Mine rescue
Mine gases and their physiological effects; Rescue equipment; Resuscitation and reviving apparatus; Selection and training for rescue work


Chapter 7: Underground Mining
Legislations, Rules and Bye laws applicable to:
Mine development; Longwall mining; Support of workings; Extraction of pillars with continuous miner-shuttle cars; Working under adverse geo-mining conditions - Thick seams, watery seams, seams on fire; Working below & above fire / goaved out area; Working in the vicinity of abandoned mine; Workings below surface features-road, railways, buildings, river & water bodies; Extraction of old formed pillars; Working at depths.


Chapter 8: Opencast Mining
Legislations, Rules and Bye laws applicable to:
Methods of Mining; Mechanized quarrying; High wall mining; Bench & Dumps (internal, external); Blasting; Slope stability; Explosives & their handling etc


Chapter 9: Blasting
Accidents and safety problems due to blasting, ground vibrations, vibrations induced by blasting on roof and pillars of U.G mines, controlled blasting, air overpressures, plasma blasting.


Chapter 10: Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation
Silicosis and pneumoconiosis; Physiological aspects of breathing in dust laden atmosphere; Dust sampling and sampling instruments; Methods of counting and analysis, other mines’ diseases – their symptoms, prevention and treatment
Noise in mines - Health problems, noise control and important circulars.
Dust - Respirable dust, effects of dust on health, safety problems.


Chapter 11: Lighting
General principles of artificial lighting; Lighting standards and their assessment; Lighting from electrical mains


Chapter 12: Recent developments in mines safety


Chapter 13: Self regulation: Workers participation in safety management


Chapter 14: Safety conferences


Chapter 15: Solved question papers of a few years for guidance.